Monday, December 11, 2006

Are You Really There!!

I have been coaching for several years. During this time, I have run across several athletes with the "I am a Great Basketball Player and You can not Teach Me Anything" attitude. It shocked me at first. Then it made me feel sorry for the individuals. In basketball and in life, the individual that stops learning, stops growing, and then stops excelling.

Don't sell yourself short. Just because you are leading your team in scoring. Your name is in the paper and everyone is talking about you. There is something that you can improve and take your game to another level.

I attended a game over the weekend. The final score of the game was 102-23. Someone in the stands made a comment about the winning team. "They're great shooters but they are not smart." I heard that a top college program would not recruit our area players because she believed they were great athletes but did not have the basketball fundamentals nor knowledge of the game.

Those two statements is the reason I am so passionate about training girls in basketball. I want to help you understand the game and excel at it. What are you waiting on?




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