Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girls Basketball Guard Drills That Improve Defense 2

Drill 2: Cone Jumping

1. Line up next to a 6-inch cone.
2. Jump with both feet together back and forth over the cone continuously for a period of time. (10, 15, 20 seconds)


Monday, March 17, 2008

Girls Basketball Guard Drills That Improve Defense 1

Drill 1: Zig Zag

1. This drill should be performed with a partner. One on defense and the other on offense.
2. The offensive player should be on the baseline and defensive player should be facing the offensive player.
3. The offensive player should dribble diagonally down the court in a 15-foot lane using the dribble patterns of crossover, spin dribble, or between the legs to change position.
4. The defender should concentrate on sliding and completely cutting off the dribbler's angle. Use your feet to overplay the dribble and force the offensive player to turn in another direction. Make sure to have a wide stance, with arms extended to the side with your palms facing the ball and stay low.
5. Continue turning the player down the length of the court.
6. The players can switch positions.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Girls Basketball Fundamental Boot Camp

The Memphis Next Top Baller Girls Basketball Fundamental Boot Camp is back.

If you are a beginner in girls basketball, visit www.patoshajeffery.com/clinics.htm.