Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Girls Basketball Summer Training Work Out Resources

It is the last week of school in Memphis and that means SUMMER is almost here.

This is the best time of the year to work on getting better and adding skills to your basketball game.

No school. No home work. Just basketball!

I've been receiving a lot of questions on how to improve and work on shooting, ball handling and even confidence. Summer is the perfect time to work on these skills. I've found 3 resources to help you with your shooting, ball handling and confidence.

Prolific Basketball Shooting Program

Effectivie Ball Handling Program

Unstoppable Confidence Course

This time of the year also means its time for me to stock up on basketball DVDs. Each year I add at least 4 new basketball DVDs to my library. Why?

1) Because I'm always looking for different drills to use in my training.
2) Since, I'm back into coaching, I'm also looking for new concepts to implement or complement my team.
3) SALE!! Yes, is where I get all my DVDs and they run an annual Basketball Summer Sale. DVDs at normally cost $39.99. During their sale, if you get 4 or more, you can get them for $25 each. You can not beat that..

Here are the DVDS I'm planning to get:

The Ultimate Speed Ladder Training Video: Innovations for Speed, Quickness, and Agility

Flex for Success

Motion for Success

Bob Huggins' Drills for Man-to-Man Defense

Competitive Rebounding Drills

The Basketball Summer Sale runs til July 1. If you are planning to get some DVDs make sure to Enter Promo Code SS425BB at checkout.

Click here for Basketball DVD Sale! DVDs, Videos & Books -- Championship Productions, Inc.

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