Friday, February 9, 2007

What happened to the Pure Shooter?

I had an interesting converstation with a good friend, Coach Sytia Messer, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Georgia Tech. She brought up some information that even surprised me. Check it out.

PJ: How and when did you get involved with basketball?
CM: I got involved with basketball because I had two older sisters that played college basketball.

PJ: How do you focus on development with your players?
CM: During the summer, our players attend colliegate basketball camps. During the season, the players attend individual shooting segments outside of practice.

PJ: What skill do you believe girls are lacking the most when they arrive at college?
CM: The pure jump shot is a skill lacking in players. One of the highly recruited players is a pure jump shooter.

PJ: As recruiting coordinator, how do you find recruits? Camps, high school games, etc.
CM: There are 2 ways I find players. Number 1 is through self-evaluation. During the summer evaluation period, I attend AAU events.The second way is at Mike White Events and through his recruiting report, All Star Girls Report.

PJ: Do you coach the guards at the Georgia Tech?
CM: This year I am coaching the post.

PJ: What skills can guards and post develop to increase their games?
CM: Again, guards can work on their shooting. Most post players now face up and take you off the dribble. Posts should work on scoring with their back to the basket.

PJ: Is there any advice you would like to provide for young players?
CM: For high school players, I recommend that you get involved in summer play. Use AAU and other events for exposure to market yourself. But not only that, get in a gym and shoot more.

Making it Happen in 2007,

Patosha Jeffery
===>How to Become A Pure Shooter

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