Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Extra Effort Wins

Over the weekend, I traveled to Ole Miss to watch my cousin, Alliesha Easley, play . By the second game of the season, she cracked the starting lineup, which is unheard of for a freshman in the SEC conference. You have to be a special player to crack the starting lineup as a freshman. And believe me, she is! Within the last two games, she has had a 24 and 13 point game. She plays under composure and with ease.

Now what makes her so special? How is she accomplishing these things so early in her career? First of all, it helped that Alliesha came from a high school program that had a practice routine comparable to college programs.

By the way, check back to find out who has the only summer basketball program that has a practice routine comparable to top college programs.

However, it is what she did away from the team that puts her at the top. Whenever she was not at school practicing, she was at home practicing or at a gym working out. No matter what day it was, she would be in a gym. And it is paying off now.

Are you practicing outside of team practice? At home or at a gym? Tell me about it. Email me at popo@patoshajeffery.com.

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